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    Căn hộ vinhomes grand park Quận 9

    Firstly, Vinhomes Grand Park Apartment For Rent , Project is planned to develop into a model urban area with fully facilities, professional transportation management, good apartments quality. Moreover, it provides customers perfect space for living.

    Currently, Vincity-branded projects will be replaced with Vinhomes, to raise a new level

    Residents at Vinhomes Grand Park Apartment will be provided with essential utilities such as:

    • Firstly, Name of Project: Vinhomes Grand Park District 9
    • Address: Located in District 9, fronts of Phuoc Thien and Nguyen Xien streets, surrounded by Dong Nai River.
    • Total areas: 271 hectares
    • Construction density: 20%
    • Then, Vinhomes District 9 is divided into 4 sections:
      • The Light (new The Rainbow)
      • The Resort (The Hospitality new)
      • The Central (The Middle)
      • The River (The Ocean)
        => Launch First Phase: The Rainbow
    • Next, contractor: COTECCONS: Top 1 Construction Company of Vietnam is now well-known for completing the construction of the Landmark 81 building in the world’s top 10.
    • Finally, Designers: ARTELIA GROUP: Design consultants for many large projects: Masteri Thao Dien, The Gold View, EcoPark, Le Meridien Hotel, Hilton Opera Hotel
    Vinhomes Grand Park Apartment
    Vinhomes Grand Park Apartment

    Vinhomes Grand Park District 9 Apartment For Rent

    What is the solution for customers who are not financially ready but still want to live in a fully furnished apartment? Just rent an apartment in Vinhomes District 9, the things you desire will be right at hand.

    1 Studio Apartment

    Area: wall heart is 30-35 m²

    This apartment has a comfortable design, on par with other luxury apartments. Very suitable for single, like to be alone.

    2-Two bedroom apartment

    Area from 58 – 70 m²

    This type is suitable for families with 2-4 members, which will create a cohesion between family members.

    3. One-bedroom apartment

    Area from 47 – 51 m²

    Vinhomes apartments are suitable for single people, newlyweds or for renting.

    4. 3-bedroom apartment

    Area 81-82 m²

    Suitable for families of 3 generations to live together. Help the members understand & love each other better.

    Price list of apartments for rent Vinhomes Grand Park

    • Type of apartment (BR = Bedroom) Rental / month
    • Studio apartments Vinhomes Q9 (basic furniture – fully) Updating
    • Vinhomes Grand Park 1BR apartment – basic furniture Only from 7 million
    • Apartment Vinhomes Grand Park 1BR – fully furnished Updating
    • Vinhomes Grand Park 2BR apartment – basic furniture Only from 9 million
    • Apartment Vinhomes Grand Park 2BR – fully furnished Updating
    • Vinhomes Grand Park 3BR apartment – basic furniture Only from 11 million
    • Apartment Vinhomes Grand Park 3BR – fully furnished Updating
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    Công viên ánh sáng tuyệt đẹp thiết kế theo phong cách Singapore đã hoàn thanh trước tết Canh Tí 2020-Vinhomes Quận 9
    Công viên ánh sáng tuyệt đẹp thiết kế theo phong cách Singapore đã hoàn thanh trước tết Canh Tí 2020-Vinhomes Quận 9


    • First of all, International School Vinschool.
    • International Hospital Vinmec.
    • Shopping Center Vincom.
    • Supermarket Vinmart.
    • Construction density: 20%
    • Children’s play area with many imported equipment.
    • Especially, Vinhomes Grand Park District 9 will own the largest riverside park in Vietnam with a total area of 60ha designed as the world famous park GARDEN FOREST of Singapore.
    Grand Forest Vinhomes district 9
    Grand Forest Vinhomes district 9
    • 8. Next,  VinUni International University and comprehensive education system from pre-school to inter-school including Vinschool and various public schools
    • 9. In Addition, Metro Station (The city’s planned urban railway is located next to Vinhomes Quận 9. It is a convenient connection point with other major points: Mien Dong Bus Station, Cancer Hospital 2, High Tech Industrial Park 2, broad highway from Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay
    • 10. There are many shopping and entertainment center of Vincom Commercial
    • 11. Most noteworthy, Security surveillance system 24/24
    • 12. Gymnasium
    • 13. Especially, Pool system from 300-1000m2
    Security surveillance system 24/24
    Security surveillance system 24/24


    Vinhomes Show Flat in Level 3, Vincom Mega Mall Thao Dien, Thao Dien ward, District 2, available in November 2018.

    The model house is designed with 7 apartments and area for the sales agent’s office and Developer Vinhomes’s Office.

    In addition, apartment types as following detail:

    • 1 bedroom: 29m2 & 45m2
    • 2-bedroom apartment: 57m2 & 67m2
    • 3 bedroom Vinhome Grand Park apartment: 80m2


    Vinhomes Grand Park Apartment
    Vinhomes Grand Park Apartment


    Most noteworthy, , Vingroup is one of the strongest private economic groups in Vietnam with sustainable and dynamic development strategies, with international integration, and many real estate and resort brands owned by Vingroup:

    Vinhomes (Apartment and Villas): There are currently two projects in Ho Chi Minh City:

    • Apartment Vinhomes Cental Park – Binh Thanh District
    • Vinhomes Golden River – District 1
    • Vincom (Classical Shopping Center)
    • Vinpearl (sea villas, resort hotels): stretching across the whole country: Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hoi An, Ha Long Bay …
    • Vinmec (Health care)- All Vinhomes Residences have Vinmec International Hospital;
    Vinhomes District 9
    Vinhomes District 9
    • Especially, Vinschool (Education): Currently, the residential areas, projects across the country developed by Vingroup have a system of schools Vinschool.
    • Then, Vinmart (Supermarket): Available in urban areas, populated by Vingroup
    • Vinfast (car) – Cars branded Vietnam
    • Vinhomes (apartment) – Vinhomes eco-urban area of Vietnam
    • Ocean Park Gia Lam
    • Vinhomes Grand Park District 9, HCMC Ho Chi Minh
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